You can navigate a stormy road with Northwest Insurance Brokers BundabergThe Christmas & holiday season is nearly upon us once again. Most of us start to look forward to a good break during this festive time. Unfortunately, storms and cyclones don’t seem to share our enthusiasm to unwind and spend time we our families, instead, they can cause a lot of destruction and grief. The government are now trying to promote that Australians start to understand that our seasons can vary greatly, from state to state and region to region and that by not being not prepared in an emergency, we can open ourselves up to more dramas and issues following the after math of a devastating natural event.

We can all learn by listening to the warnings we are given from the appropriate governing bodies on being prepared for such events but we also need to see what contingencies are in place after the event as well. Having an exit stagey to get to safety, keeping first aid kits and survival kits, basic things such as torches, blankets, non-perishable food stuffs, radio etc. are good, but we also need to ensure our insurance policy is up to scratch. Fire cover at  Northwest Insurance Brokers Bundaberg

The Bundy floods taught us all some very real life lessons. Some wore the brunt far more than others, but one of things we must all do as policyholders is to research and identify possible perils that will impact our lives and properties and then go about finding the policy that suits you the best. As Insurance Brokers, we have good sound local knowledge of the area so we can assist in some of these key areas so make sure you contact us well before the storm season if you feel the policy you have is adequate or needs increasing in cover of values/sum insured’s.

Here are some examples to think about:-

  • If you live on the coast, have you considered Cyclone or Tsunamis damage?
  • If you live on a river, dam, catchment area or creek, have you considered your flood exposure?
  • If you are inland on property or somewhere like the Blue Mountains, what is the real risk of fire to your building/s?

Risk management and planning is very important.
What measures have you taken to be prepared in an emergency for this season?
For advice on the right cover for your needs call our team on (07) 4151 6001.Protection in a stormy dark night Northwest Insurance Brokers Bundaberg