“Thank you again Lisa, for all you have done. So appreciate you helping me when it seemed nobody else would. Your kindness and understanding and hard work will always be remembered.

Thank you again. Sincerely

Michelle Mantel • 2018

“I cannot thank Northwest Insurance enough for their help in my recent insurance claim.  Blake was so helpful and only too eager to help when needed.  I would recommend these guys to anyone.  Thank you for all your help and making this a pleasant experience.”

Katrina • 2018

“We have used Northwest Insurance as our brokers for several years now. We have found David & his staff to be very understanding of our insurance needs both for our business & personal.

All insurance claims have been lodged & followed to a successful outcome.

I would recommend them to anyone needing insurance etc.”

Eric Otto • FISHERMANS INN 2018

“Northwest Insurance have been wonderful and have gone above and beyond after a few – not so fun – events happened to my family and myself. They were understanding, punctual and personable. They went above and beyond to ensure we were well covered, cared for and supported in a time when we needed to not worry about the logistics. We have been extremely happy with our choice in Northwest Insurance”.

Kind Regards

Susan • 2018

“David and his staff at Northwest have taken care of all my business insurances for the past 5 years.

Northwest Finance has also been a huge help with giving me the best choices in switching my home loan. I have every confidence in recommending Northwest Finance to anyone.

I recently also sought their expertise for my personal insurances. With their wealth of knowledge I have been able to get a better outcome for peace of mind.

They’re personalized and professional service and attention to detail in supplying the right policy and swift response when needed is always welcome.

Greg Baxter • BOUT TIME MUSIC (2018)

“We would like to say a big THANK YOU to Kev and the team at Northwest Life. Kev made the whole process very easy and took the time to make sure that we understood exactly what we were getting. After an accident last year Kev and the team were there when we needed them to answer any of the silly questions. They made the process very easy and it was great not to have to worry about income after the accident.

We couldn’t recommend Kev and the team highly enough.”

• 2018

“Both Jord and I would like to say a big THANK You to Kev and the team at Northwest. Kev made the whole process very easy and took the time to make sure that we understood exactly what we were getting. After an accident last year Kev and the team were there when we needed them to answer any of the silly questions. They made the process very easy and it was great not to have to worry about income after the accident.

We couldn’t recommend Kev and the team high enough.”

Cam & Jord • 2018

“As some of you know, I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and am currently on the journey that this involves – I’ve had two big operations, a smaller procedure and am about to embark on round two of 18 weeks’ worth of chemo which will be followed by 7 weeks of radiation treatment. I have private health insurance and am being treated by a fabulous team at the Wesley Hospital in Brisbane. Private health insurance does not cover all costs though, obviously, and the out-of-pocket bills do mount up. I have taken time off work – until Easter next year – and this comes at a cost as well, of course. My treatment doesn’t end until December or January, all going well. Which brings me to my point – finally! Years ago, I met with Mr Kev Thomas from Northwest Life, Bundaberg and told him I wanted to set myself up financially so that I would not have to worry about financial ruin if something bad happened and I couldn’t work for a period time – I wanted to ensure that I could remain financially independent no matter the circumstances that life might throw at me. Kev advised insurance that covered all eventualities. (Note: this is in addition to cover that may be on your super plan – which is ok, but not awesome in many cases and comparably quite expensive). I admit that if you asked me what I was insured for, I couldn’t have explained it terribly well – just that I was insured well, and I knew that anything “bad” happened, I just needed to ring Kev and explain, and he would take care of the rest.

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Over time, I wondered periodically if I was wasting my money – as you do sometimes with insurance; when you are confident that life is putting along nicely and nothing “bad” will happen. And then it does. Life as I know it was turned upside down that Tuesday morning when I discovered that lump. Over the coming days words like “aggressive”, “high grade”, “metastasis in the lymph system” and “extended period of treatment” did nothing to alleviate my fears. The last thing I needed on top of that was financial fear as well. Enter Super-Kev. He swung into action and a bit of paperwork and a couple of phone calls later and my financial worries are over. Huge thanks too, to Macquarie Life and Asteron, my insurance companies, who were nothing short of excellent to deal with – and that’s a huge call for an insurance co! Earlier this week, I was able to do the following: (a) pay off my credit card (which was groaning under the weight of medical and travel bills) (b) pay back my awesome brother and sis-in-law who were carrying some of those medical bills too (c) pay off my house – no mortgage to pay anymore and (d) took unpaid leave from work – I’ve given myself from then until Easter to recover and take a holiday. I’ve got some pretty awesome stuff planned for that time and it is such a positive thing to have so much fun to look forward to when the hard part is done – I find myself day-dreaming about that time often. This means when I go back, I still have my sick leave entitlements intact and am not starting from scratch and I have my long service to use for fun things – not for cancer treatment. Now my focus – my “job” – for now, is to kick this cancer’s ass. That is my only worry because my insurance took care of the rest for me. Your health is so much more important than any amount of money; but it certainly makes the fight easier when you don’t have money – or house payments – to worry about.

I’ll finish the sermon with two things – ladies and gents, check yourself regularly for lumps, bumps and things that shouldn’t be there (my early finding may well make all the difference to my outcome) and second, if you don’t already have some, consider Trauma/Health Events insurance. And if you do want to do this – you could not do better than to contact Kev Thomas at Northwest Insurance, Bundaberg 4151 6001 or 0408 300 136 – insurance guru and financial advisor extraordinaire. I can’t thank him enough. (2018)

• 2018

“Wow what a year it has been for me personally –

Firstly (and this is the easy part) Kev sorted out all my insurances (Death, disability and trauma etc) as he does every year to make sure I have adequate cover for my needs at an affordable rate.

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Insurance is something we all need, should all have, AND of course we all think that we will never use it because “nothing will ever happen to me”. Well that was me to a T, I knew I needed insurance, but I would never use it (never say never right!).

Secondly – September 2016 I found a lump in my left breast and yes, the dreaded BC (breast cancer) was diagnosed. Well let me tell you, your life goes from the norm of going from work to home, home to work and all of a sudden you are going at a million miles an hour.

All you hear is muffled sounds of blah, blah, blah from Doctors, Surgeon, Specialist all the while your head is still spinning with the words “sorry to tell you this, but you have BREAST CANCER”. Wow, your whole world is now in roller coaster mode of “ups and downs, what if’s and what now’s” along with appointment after appointment here, there and everywhere.

So last thing I had on my mind was claiming insurance and all the paperwork that goes with it.

Thirdly – Northwest Life (NWL) to the rescue.

Laying in hospital (after having my left breast removed) Kev and Veanne walk in with well wishes and a beautiful bunch of flowers that were very much appreciated and unexpected (what a lovely gesture).

Kev and Veanne went above and beyond to make sure that claiming my insurance entitlements were as uncomplicated as possible and everything went through smoothly with great results.

Well, let me tell you, all I had to do was sign a few documents, all the hard work had been done for me and was such a breeze (for me).

So, I would 100% recommend NWL to everyone – no fuss, no pain, no headache and such great, caring people.

Thank you so much for being extremely professional with such a caring and great attitude – it is obvious that you both know the business of insurance very well, love what you do and have an excellent work ethic.”

The Big “C” • 2018

“We have worked with Northwest Insurance for the past 8 years. As we have grown and evolved, what I have valued most about our relationship is that Northwest Insurance knows us and our business.”

Brian & Lyn Taylor • Taylor's Hardware Owners