Most Home & Contents polices are “Pre-packaged” polices, In other words they consist of a whole heap of different covers all rolled into one policy. However, Business Insurance policies are usually tailor made and you can choose several or more sections depending on what is best suits your needs. Each section you choose will have a premium applied to it. Unless you read the entire policy, covering what each section will include and exclude, then it might pay to speak to us, your Local Insurance broker before you head out on your own and choose the sections you think you may need.

A good example of this is Theft cover, Some customers assume that if you take out the Theft section in a Business Package, you will be covered for Contents, Stock in trade and Money for theft.  Unfortunately, this is not usually the case. Money cover is a separate cover to Theft so by not knowing the difference, you could completely miss out on covering yourself thoroughly.

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