Prepared in an Emergency

The Christmas & holiday season is nearly upon us once again. Most of us start to look forward to a good break during this festive time. Unfortunately, storms and cyclones don’t seem to share our enthusiasm to unwind and spend time we our families, instead, they can cause a lot of destruction and grief. The [...]

Insurance Coverage Traps

Don't let this happen to you!  Don’t get caught out when you deal directly with an insurer, speak to NWI, your Local Insurance Broker, so we can help you through the policy coverage mine field and insurance coverage traps before it gets to this!

Far out Friday: The Russian solution to cyber crime

Almost everyone’s heard the apocryphal tale about the Russian and American approaches to the space race. When confronted with the problems of writing in zero gravity, the US set its finest minds to work on a pen that would cope with the vagaries of space, no expense spared. The end result was the now-ubiquitous ballpoint [...]

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