Its that time again for families and individuals to celebrate and Easter and/or just to get away for a long weekend. For most of us, taking a holiday is something we love to do and depend on to unwind. Unfortunately, criminals also love it when we take a holiday as its their busy season. So you are insured, that’s great, but still, being burgled is just something you don’t want to experience. If you are insured, the policy can respond to break and enter claims but the hassle of it all plus knowing someone has been through your home, through your cupboards and personal draws…. Not nice at all. So, let’s take a proactive approach to minimise your own losses. Here’s  a bit of a check list bearing in mind there are other ways to protect your property as well which you can look into and investigate the options that suit you.


1) Lock up. Even the police are using the slogan “Lock it or lose it”. Some burglaries are simply opportunists ones. If you leave a car door open, engine running with the keys in it even for a minute, it’s simply a theft waiting to happen and your policy may not cover it. If you’re in the backyard, lock up the front door and vice versa.


2) Let family and friends know that you are going away. Neighbours can be a good source of info and protection so where possible, have them keep an eye on your property while you are away.


3) If possible, install external light sensors around the outside, that way if someone does approach at night, the light will come on. Likewise, if you can install light timers inside your home. Set them to come on at say 6pm and go off at 11pm each night while you are away. It makes it look like someone is home. You determine the hours that best suits you for the timer.


4) Before heading off, make sure all windows are locked and all doors securely locked as well.


5) Installing security screens, deadlocks on all external doors and alarm systems and CCTV can also be the ultimate in protection but of course can be also expensive, however, simply solutions can sometimes offer good alternatives.


6) Likewise while you are away, keep your unit locked up and your car locked. Don’t leave items in view of people, such as GPS units, mobile phones, laptops and bags on your car seats, even if the car is locked. To thieves, it’s just window shopping until they make their move and break into your car when you are not around. The damage to your car can sometimes be more hassle and cost more than the $200 mobile phone in full view on the car dash they broke in to get.


The above are just some examples of protecting your property.


If you are driving to a destination, drive safe, don’t take unneccary risks on the road. The reality is that it’s better to arrive a little late then to not arrive at all.


Have a Happy Easter, relax and enjoy life where ever you are this holiday season.


                                                         From the Team at Northwest Insurance.