PIncome Insurance with Paul Clitheroe - Bundabergaul Clitheroe, finance guru and founding director of financial planning firm IPAC, advises  it’s worth assessing how well you would manage if something happened to your ability to earn an income.

What would you or your loved ones do if something happened and you couldn’t work and suddenly there was no money coming in?  Earning a regular income is arguably our most valuable asset and having a backup plan is vital.

In his recent NewsMail article, Paul Clitheroe tells us how important it is to protect your income and by doing that you’re protecting the future of yourself and your loved ones.

“I reckon Australians are generally a pretty optimistic bunch, however there’s a big difference though between having a relaxed outlook on life and leaving the important things  to chance”.

At Northwest Insurance we now have our very own financial adviser, Andy McLucas, who is available to provide advice on protecting your most important asset in life, you. By creating a tailored financial plan to suit your goals, Andy will be able to give the peace of mind knowing you have a back up plan in place should something unexpected happen to you or your family

Contact Andy on:

Mobile: 0467 415 166
Office: (07) 4151 6001

or drop in to the Office at 4 Targo Street, Bundaberg, Queensland 4670