PrintCome and check out David, Kevin and Karen at our stand number 20 in the main pavilion at AgroTrend 2016 Loxton Rd, Bundaberg. Come to the stand and complete our enquiry form and go in the draw to win a night’s accommodation and a meal at Lagoons 1770 Resort and Spa.

Agrotrend is the premier agricultural event of the year for the Bundaberg region and we are proud to be part of it.

We are partnering with CGU Insurance, who are also bringing a representative from Best Doctors, a vital rural community service that CGU offer to their policy holders. We know that it’s not always easy to access medical specialists. Distance, waiting lists, uncertainty about who to see and time taken away from your day job often make it difficult to get to those vital appointments.That’s why CGU have partnered with Best Doctors®, we want to ensure that our valued customers have access to some of the best specialists in the world, free of charge and from the comfort of their own homes. Why? Because we believe that your health and well-being should be a priority and this is one way that we can help with that.

Why do people contact Best Doctors®?

  • Doubts about treatment 42%
  • Doubts about surgery 17%
  • Don’t understand diagnosis 12%
  • Symptoms not improving 12%
  • Doubts about doctor 10%
  • Doubts about diagnosis 7%

“It’s hard to imagine having your questions brought to a world expert on your condition, but it’s really true.”– Helen

How do Best Doctors® work

In-depth medical review

Have one of the world’s leading specialists review your medical case through Best Doctors®’ In-depth Medical Review service. More than a second opinion, this service’s an exhaustive analysis of your case by an expert in your particular condition. It’s a service that complements the care your own doctor is providing. You don’t have to travel or hunt down medical fles. Best Doctors® collect all your records, X-rays, scans, test results – even pathology samples. Files are reviewed. Images are re-read. Samples are retested at world renowned centres of excellence. After an in-depth study of your case, our expert provides a comprehensive, personalised report, including treatment recommendations. You can be sure you have the right diagnosis and treatment plan. Access the Expert Best Doctors® can search their network of doctors and help

Members find a local expert for their condition.

Ask the Expert

Are you confused about your medical condition? Need more information about its possible progression or treatment options? Or do you have other questions about your condition that don’t require an in-depth review of your medical fles? Ask The Expert can help with quick answers. Your questions are addressed by a global expert who specialises in your condition.

Doctor Online

Simply submit your questions via the Best Doctors® member portal and one of their carefully selected Australian General Practitioners will provide a personal answer within 48 hours.