Bundaberg Business Expo 2015

Northwest Insurance & Northwest Life will be participating in the Bundaberg Business Expo this year over the next two days, Thursday 21st May 9am-5pm & Friday 22nd May 9am-3pm. We're offering Obligation Free Consultations with our Financial Adviser, Andrew McLucas, Also if you happen to pop into the business Expo you can put your details [...]

Is our weather changing?

 It seems that our world is changing. Scientist believe that global warming is affecting weather patterns in frequency of storms, fires and perils that a typical insurance policy should cover. Regardless of our views on climate change, Insurers will certainly be keeping a close eye on reports regarding climate change. It may be fair to [...]

Have you got an Income backup plan?

Paul Clitheroe, finance guru and founding director of financial planning firm IPAC, advises  it's worth assessing how well you would manage if something happened to your ability to earn an income. What would you or your loved ones do if something happened and you couldn't work and suddenly there was no money coming in?  Earning a regular [...]

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