Do you have Cyber Insurance?   Do you have Cyber Insurance? We do Cyber attacks and other issues are now some of the most common forms of loss faced by businesses but many remain unsold on the value of cyber insurance. In this day and age many businesses use technology as their main resource for business documents and personal [...]

Crime Prevention Over Easter

Its that time again for families and individuals to celebrate and Easter and/or just to get away for a long weekend. For most of us, taking a holiday is something we love to do and depend on to unwind. Unfortunately, criminals also love it when we take a holiday as its their busy season. So [...]

Itchy feet?

Itchy feet? Might be a good time to move jobs ... If you feel stuck in a rut or you’re dreading going to work on Monday morning then the New Year may be time to consider your career options, according to recruiting experts Hays Insurance. The recruiter says there is no set timeframe for changing [...]

Happier Workplace

HERE IS SOME HELPFUL BUSINESS TIPS FOR THE DAY: - Ten steps to a happier workplace: 1. Analyze: You can’t fix something if you don’t know what’s broken. Whether it’s through employee surveys or analysis of productivity and engagement, it’s important to start by gathering information so you know what needs to be changed. 2. [...]

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